Why Sunshine?
Sunshine Worldwide School believes in providing holistic education to its learners by engaging in:
– Igniting minds through inquiry based learning.
– Providing conducive environment by discouraging competition and
inculcating competence.
– Developing excellence through self-realization.
– Believing in Yes learning culture that motivates learners to become 100%
positive in life.
– Emphasizing on living naturally, and understanding the beauty of living.
– Imparting after school coaching for various activities like music, dance and sports to boost cognitive abilities.
– Providing a unique sport like horse riding to improve life skills.
– Building character and personality through various co-curricular activities.
– Grooming children in broad minded humane with entrepreneurial skills
and leadership qualities.
– Creating global citizens who accept diversity and think globally.
– Nurturing the spirit of Unconditional Happiness!

Our alumni are choosing fields and pursuits which demonstrate a high degree of entrepreneurial zeal. The behaviour and disposition of learners suggests strongly that they are mentally strong and able to take “exam stress” in their stride.  Our learners shine in sports as well as co-curricular activities confirming our belief that excellence is not a trade-off but a way of life. The enduring friendships which we see amongst our learners and the bond between educator and learner is evidence of a happy and positive eco-system. The inclusive nature of our classrooms and the helpful nature of staff is another practical indicator of our belief in each person being unique and having a respected role in society.

Our learners have a profound respect and comfort level with Indian culture. Their warm Namaste and courteous nature is infectious. A strong sense of connect with the outside community is fostered through field trips, guest-speakers, awareness campaigns and celebrating State, National and Multi-faith ceremonies. An SWS learner is very conscientious of his / her duty towards keeping the environment clean. Waste segregation and recycling is now part of our Sunshine DNA. Food is never wasted nor taken for granted. A sense of gratitude prevails and greed for material luxuries is not a major driver for most stakeholders. Our SWS learners are out-running the rat race by sharing a lending hand to their friends rather than competitively sharpening a crab mentality.

At SWS, our normal flow of activities is calibrated to support a wide range of personalities and learning styles. In addition to our holistic and pedagogically consistent approach we do gentle and supportive interventions when needed.Our educators and counsellors are trained to constructively address adolescent “storm and stress”. We take guidance from our Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI) certified Psychologist in cases that need special technical skills to address. As an inclusive learning space, our Special Education Needs educators provide intervention to help mainstream all learners by Class 9

SWS as a leading school in the western zone submit itself (Classes 3-10) every alternate year to the “ASSET”. This is a diagnostic testing regime which indicates the level of our learners in relation to 400,000 students across India? We have carefully created a “progressive curriculum” which ensures a steady and systematic cognitive progress for each learner. We conduct a “check point of concepts” assessment at the end of each academic year to help identify any bridging support needed. The physical health of learners is recorded annually by specialists from Manipal Hospital. The mental attitude and disposition of learners is regularly given a workout through “circle time” sessions within their peer group. Life, Organizational and entrepreneurial skills are being honed regularly through the “Compete ncy Challenge”in middle school and the corporate model amongst Classes 9-12.