“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes”
                                                  (Andrew Carnegie – American Steel Tycoon and philanthropist)


Wishing each other to be “happy” has become so cliched, that in our pursuit of the good life, we discount this element as impossible to aspire towards. Sunshine World School  however, is on a mission to help learners rediscover their innate happiness at being alive and relishing their journey of life. This mental steering of our learners towards a status of  “unconditional happiness”  helps learners decouple their “joyful state” from being a product of their material possessions or lack thereof. Too often our emotional state is hostage to the whims of a fickle mind which craves what others have and neglect the strengths already possessed. We advise and train learners to seek a productive and fulfilling life while retaining a positive outlook and disposition. That is why we believe in developing competence over competition.


Happiness is also a by-product of a calm mind which has clear goals. The best goals are those which not only help oneself but becomes a harbinger of  positive development in the entire community. Through our emphasis on experiential learning through the Corporate Model, our learners develop the mindset of a problem solver who with entrepreneurial zeal will respond to society’s evolving needs.
We are all inspired by the goal of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for this planet by 2030. Through active engagement in inquiring about the challenges and brainstorming for solutions our young Sunshiner’s will be active participants in making the world physically sustainable and spiritually elevated.


This noble mission keeps us energized and we look forward to your participation in this journey!


Abhay Mathur
Mr. Abhay Mathur

Principal, SWS