Sunshine believes in imparting holistic education rather than just for the benefit of passing an exam or a test. We follow the concept of “Learning to Learn”. The core thought at Sunshine is:

‘Information can be obtained at a mouse-click today and we must work to comprehend process, assimilate, and apply it.’

Sunshine believes in living a life of freedom without fear. We instill a sense of responsibility in our students, and involve them in activities that encourage critical and creative thinking instead of stressing on following instructions and harsh discipline.

SWS guides every child to build competence, by practicing regularly and focusing on ‘the game’ rather than winning or losing. The school believes that everyone is unique and thus competition and comparison have no room in our life. Our goal is to let the child gain unconditional happiness by setting goals and achieving them.

Our aim is to equip the students with the most excellent knowledge and technology so that they are able to handle the pressures of the world calmly and efficiently and bring an aesthetic sense to being. Our students are put through as many real-life situations as possible, preparing them to accept change willingly and be clear and sure about their choices and decisions.