Mr. Deepak Khaitan

“I welcome you to the world of Unconditional Happiness at Sunshine.”
Ours is a school with a unique and innovative model of education  delivery that works towards imparting quality education with value systems that would prepare children to adapt to future challenges in a creative manner. We aim at creating a new world of global and humane achievers whose competence creates an unconditionally happy world respecting nature and diversity. We carefully create the ambience that would help a child grow into complete individual. As a team led by visionaries, Sunshine staff stays motivated all the time to learn and march ahead towards the goal of achieving excellence and competence. We together share a vision of:

1. Nurturing children in a positive and stress free atmosphere
2. Building competence over competition
3. Discovering uniqueness of each child
4. Developing entrepreneurial attitude and visionary mindset
5. Inculcating holistic view of life
6. Creating adaptable and open-minded individuals who benefit the society at large

Kush Khaitan

Our focus is to educate, inspire and promote innovation. We want to eradicate standardized testing and promote flexibility, so as to allow our learners to have a taste of freedom with self-responsibility. This will ensure a rock solid foundation for life.

Neha Khaitan

Positivity is a culture that needs to be imbibed at a very young age, to ensure that the essence of the same permeates into the lives of children today. The youth need to understand that they should be able speak their minds without fear and be confident that their morals and values will speak for their actions. We need to teach our children to respect our fellow human beings and the world they come in contact with.

Sapna Khaitan

We provide a well-rounded and holistic approach to education that helps students to break away from the vicious cycle of competition. And coach students to excel at skills like, time management, stress management, goal setting, personality development, communication etc.

Yash Khaitan

Sunshine Worldwide School has always chosen the path less travelled. To do this, it takes faith and support. Every aspect of school life, for example the food we eat, needs to be treated with the same priority as everything else. Sunshine ensures a wholesome and holistic development of mind and body.