Why Sunshine: Revolutionizing education through real life skill-based learning

Founded in 2003, Sunshine Worldwide is a venture of the Khaitan Family, set up with an aim to nurture and develop young minds through skill-based education. Sunshine Worldwide Preschool is an innovative and dynamic preschool chain offering experiential learning to young minds.

Sunshine Worldwide Preschool is run by highly experienced, expert management where students are taught using well-researched activity-based curriculum using unique methodology.

World-class preschool education

The preschool provides a constructive learning environment, where kids learn by observing, listening and engaging in activities that aid overall personality and skill-development. Sunshine Worldwide Preschool offers full-day kindergarten for young toddlers coupled with activity sessions at regular intervals.

Young minds are stimulated and trained through fun learning activities in Nursery where each child receives personal attention from our compassionate teachers. Specialized real life skill-based learning in lower and upper kindergarten offers enjoyable and fruitful learning experience which enhances the grasping ability of a child.

Well-researched activity-based curriculum

The thoroughly researched curriculum and teaching methodology at Sunshine Worldwide imparts knowledge using experiential learning. The preschool believes that real learning happens beyond textbooks and emphasizes learning-by-doing. This innovative approach to education helps improve the child’s visualization, concentration and analytical thinking and thus prepares a child not just to face but also to shape real life.

Highly qualified and trained staff

All the teachers at Sunshine worldwide are trained to implement advanced SWW teaching methodology, which fosters a deep sense of skills and knowledge among children. Through SWW system of learning, a child can apply the knowledge acquired through problem-solving techniques in real life situations.


  • Great reasons to partner with Sunshine Worldwide
  • Established preschool chain
  • Unique real life skill based teaching methodology
  • Highly-qualified teachers
  • Experienced management
  • Comprehensive franchisor support

Ideal franchisee profile

Sunshine Worldwide looks forward to partner with passionate individuals who stand positive on the following parameters:

  • Location: Adequate space at a suitable
  • Capital: Strong financial backup with the willingness to invest
  • Experience: Experience in the education/teaching sector or dealing with children
  • Ability: Managerialability to look after day to day functioning of the preschool

Comprehensive franchisor support

Sunshine Worldwide (The franchisor) has developed a comprehensive Franchisor Support Program to ensure mutual growth and profitability, based on the following parameters:

  • Set Up: The franchisor would assist the franchisees in choosing a suitable location and would also guide the franchisees with the layout, design and architecture of the franchised preschool.
  • Procurement: The franchisor would provide an approved list of vendors to the franchisees for the procurement of supplies e.g. stationery, uniforms, equipment, etc. required to run the preschool.
  • Training: The franchisor would be responsible for providing in-depth training to all levels of franchisee staff from time to time, to improve the efficiency of teachers and staff members.
  • Marketing: The franchisor will share its experience and knowledge on how and when to market and communicate the brand. A detailed marketing plan will be shared to assist franchisees in building a strong brand image.
  • Advertising: The franchisor would be responsible for national/regional level advertising while local level advertising will be done by the franchisees with prior approvals from the franchisor.