Why Education: Preschool industry in India Growing at steady Pace

Education is a crucial element of child’s upbringing, and Indian parents are concerned about providing the best education right from day one.

The growing demand for early education offered through preschools has led to the growth of preschool education sector in the country.

The preschool industry stands at $ 1 billion and is registering a 35% y-o-y growth rate. The industry is experiencing high-growth pattern owing to the following factors:

  • Rapid Urbanization
  • Growing Population
  • Rising Disposable incomes
  • Change in Lifestyle

The sector is largely unorganized with very few formalized preschool set ups operating in the country. Low penetration and the lack of quality pre-schools present an enormous scope for developing preschools which provide a solid foundation during the formative years of a child. The rising demand for preschools offers a brilliant opportunity for setting up preschools in the country.