Why Education

Preschool industry in India Growing at steady Pace. Education is a crucial element of child’s upbringing, and Indian parents are concerned

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Why Sunshine

Founded in 2003, Sunshine Worldwide is a venture of the Khaitan Family, set up with an aim to nurture and develop young minds …

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Sunshine Worldwide looks forward to partnering with passionate individuals who stand positive on the following parameters:

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To Create an Internationally Recognised Education Company by franchising a well-researched and developed system with SWS’s unique philosophy which can be easily adopted by a Franchisee to create an atmosphere and infrastructure for each student, parent, staff and community Learn to live naturally, spiritually & unconditionally happy in this artificial unnecessary competitive and stressful society. A step by step approach to create a New World of relaxed, blissful, loving, caring, confident, competent, talented, valued, responsible, cooperative, committed achievers.


To Share and spread The Sunshine Worldwide School Philosophy across the Globe through franchising the SWS system. Appoint and develop 100 Franchise schools across India and 5 schools outside India by 2022. To provide the opportunity of choice alongside the freedom to realize ones ultimate potential.

Quality Policy

We are committed in making SWS an excellent learning community bustling with zestful children, staff and parents engaged in active learning through the innovations in the field, providing holistic education, while keeping in mind everyone’s individual learning styles. We will continuously keep the research on with our R & D Visionary TEAM to plan for the anticipated changes of the future.

Franchisee Team

Patricia Brito
Patricia BritoPre-Primary Master Trainer
Yvonne Fernandes
Yvonne FernandesFranchise Manager
Pranav Govekar
Pranav GovekarDesigner
Prithvi Dessai
Prithvi DessaiDesigner/Developer


We started our journey with SWS in 2015 and it has been a fabulous experience with them. One of the biggest SWS advantages? Waking up every day to a purpose. I know that at the end of the day, at the end of the week, at the end of the month, we are having a greater impact on children and families. SWS are extremely supportive. I have had no regrets but complete peace of mind about the business decision I have made. SWS are the most professional preschool educational group that I have come across. Since signing the agreement till date, I have received excellent and complete support in setup, training, curriculum, materials, marketing and operations till date. Parents are impressed with the well structured curriculum and transformation they see in their children. They really hold your hand through the whole process, not just during but after. Being a SWS franchise owner has given me the opportunity to make a difference in the loves of our staff, the families we serve and the children we care for. It allows me time with my family and fosters my continuous growth as a leader.

You want to be partners of SWS? Do not have second thoughts; come join us.

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