CBSE Class X results: Goa schools score better

Goa received its Class X Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) results on Friday, a day after the results were released in some parts of the country. The delay was on account of congestion in the board’s online platform in Goa on May 28, the day the results were expected.

Though the performance of students at the CBSE exam showed a dip nationally, Goa schools have seen an improved result. Fifty-eight students in Goa earned the highest score of 10 grade points.

Sunshine School in Old Goa had a batch of 39 students this year with four getting a CGPA of 10. Deepak Khaitan of Sunshine School, said, “Last year, we did not have a single student with a CGPA of 10. It seems like the children have now understood how this grading system works.”