Movie – Kung Fu Panda


Dear Parents,

We, the school and PTA, have decided to spread our social message to the children and parents, what better way than for our kids to enjoy a visual experience of a fine cinema. We have booked two auditoriums at INOX Panaji for Thursday, April 14th, 2016, 9 am show (1hr 35 mins) of Kung Fu Panda for all students of Class 1 to class 12.

1. Logistics – School bus will pick children as usual from all stops and directly bring them to Inox. After the movie, School bus will take the children to School for lunch and a normal School day will continue with a normal drop back in the afternoon to home.

2. For Parents who drop the children to school via personal vehicle, please drop your child to the Inox @ 0830am. Extra buses will take the kids to School after the movie or you are free to pick your child @11 am sharp and bring them to school.

3. School bags – Students will carry School bags with them (those with home lunch, it can be carried with them and eaten at school after the movie). 08.45am –03.30 pm 4. Snacks – The school will provide samosa and tang to all children before the movie. If the children are carrying snack tiffin, they can eat before or after the movie as INOX doesn’t allow outside food in the auditorium.

4. Supervision- This is a fully supervised event, all staff will be in attendance.

5. Cost- Rs 120/- per student will be billed in the next fee bill.

Come let us give our children an amazing Movie experience to watch it even again with their friends and school mates. If your ward is not joining us for the movie,(S/he will have to stay at home and can come to school at 11.30 am by own transport), kindly inform at the earliest for us to make necessary arrangements.

Thanking you
Sincerely Yours
Deepak Khaitan